About Us

The Pool House History

Andre Montwill has been working with swimming pools since the mid-1970’s. His father, a teacher with summers free, would take care of neighborhood swimming pools in the San Antonio area. Andre would help his father and began to learn all about different kinds of pools and what it took to maintain them.

In college, Andre kept the tradition of managing and cleaning pools while his studies continued in business marketing at UTSA. Hence, The Pool House roots were planted. Now more than 20 years later, Andre offices out of The Pool House retail store/headquarters with over 15 highly trained employees who have over 100 years of combined experience in the field! The Pool House has proudly cleaned and/or repaired over 100,000 swimming pools!

Serving All of San Antonio

With its beginnings mainly on the north side of San Antonio, The Pool House currently services all of San Antonio and its surrounding areas. A fleet of maintenance and repair trucks go out each day helping pool owners and management companies with the proper care of their swimming pools. The Pool House not only cleans pools now, but can handle anything from small repairs to entire renovations with impressive expertise. The retail store sells everything from swimming suits & pool toys to pumps & motors, too!

Now a family man, Andre is dedicated to running a business built on hard work and honesty. Catering to the do-it-yourselfers or the full-service customers, The Pool House prides itself on providing quality customer service and workmanship. Pool owners have come to trust The Pool House and know they can count on an expert’s honest opinion when they have questions.

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