San Antonio-Area Pool Maintenance & Cleaning Services

Trust Us for Weekly, Annual or As-Needed Pool Maintenance

The Pool House Chemical-Only
Maintenance Package

Pool maintenance service for the pool owner who finds the process of balancing their pool’s water time-consuming and frustrating. This cleaning and maintenance service can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. Includes:
  • Balance and maintain water chemistry
  • Empty & clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwash/clean filtration equipment (as needed)
  • Monitoring and inspection of equipment for proper operation

The Pool House Full Maintenance Package

Professional care to keep your pool at its best! Includes the Chemical-Only Maintenance above, PLUS:
  • Clear floating debris
  • Vacuum bottom of pool
  • Brush walls
  • Clean pool deck with blower

Vacation or Temporary Maintenance Package

If you normally care for your pool yourself, but need some temporary assistance with pool maintenance—or want help to get your pool ready for a new season of use—give us a call. Unlike most other San Antonio swimming pool maintenance services, we will service your pool on an as-needed basis. On a temporary basis, choose:
  • Our Chemical-Only Maintenance Package
  • Our Full Maintenance Package
  • A customized package to meet your individual needs

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