Pool Accessories, Toys, Floats & Games

The Pool House in Alamo Heights is your source for family fun! Swimming pools are ideal for creating family memories that last a lifetime. We have the toys, floats, and games that the whole family can enjoy! 

Inflatable Rafts and Loungers – We have a wide variety of styles, designs, and colors for both kids and adults to relax and have fun with!

Toys – One of our favorite categories! We have a great selection of toys for kids and adults to enjoy, including inflatable animals, water guns and blasters, Toypedos, floating lights, and much more.

Diving Games – We all grew up learning to swim using diving games like sticks and rings. These games have come a long way! Now we have light up animals, Dive Dudes, rad rings, Star Wars character dive buddies.  And even more!

Games – These are items the whole family can enjoy! We have a selection of basketball and volleyball games, and we even a cornhole game for the swimming pool!

Exercise – The wet sweat belt, bar bells, swim bars and more. Get a low-impact, high-resistance workout in your cool swimming pool!

Masks and Goggles – We stock masks, goggles, snorkels, nose clips, ear plugs, and swim caps for all ages and sizes.

Kickboards and Surfers – A great swim aid for kids or exercise tool for teenagers and adults. We have these for both to enjoy!

Use these pool accessories from The Pool House in Alamo Heights to create those special memories for your family, and always remember, POOLS ARE FUN!