Pool Water Balancing

Water quality not only affects the beauty of your pool, but the health of those that use it. Don’t scrimp on chemicals or on maintaining a routine of balancing and sanitizing your pool.

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Pool Maintenance

Your pool system cannot be expected to work properly without regular maintenance. We recommend at least an annual inspection for all pools—even those that are relatively new.

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Vacuuming Pools

Pools also are affected by other contaminants—leaves and debris that blow into them, sunscreen from users, spills, etc. Make sure your pool care routine includes regularly brushing the walls of your pool, vacuuming the bottom of debris, and skimming anything floating on top. 

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Pool Alkalinity

What are my targets for proper swimming pool balance?

A swimming pool’s water must achieve a balance of low acidity (pH) and alkalinity in order to be in balance. Because the target range for alkalinity is larger, start by bringing that into the proper range.

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Bromine or Chlorine?

What is the difference between bromine and chlorine?

Chlorine and bromine are both chemicals used to sanitize swimming pools. For many years, chlorine has been used to sanitize swimming pools...

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Easy Pool Maintenance

I have an older pool. Is there anything new out there that I could easily add that would make maintaining my pool easier?

Yes, of course. Here are a couple of our favorites: Automatic pool covers and the Polaris 360 Pool Cleaner...

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Pump Size Advice

A neighbor suggested that the reason my pool is so difficult to clean and maintain is because I have a pump that is too small. How can I find out how big a pump I should have for my pool?

Pool pumps, filters and heaters all should be chosen with the size of your pool’s surface area and capacity in mind.

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